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Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Entry 136: 1979 Easter Bunny Silhouettes

        We were living in the original part of our home on Harding Rd.  It had two bedrooms.  Larry and I had one of the bedrooms with Adam while Heidi and Robin shared the other.  The night before Easter after the girls were sleeping we hid candy eggs and goodies in the living room and kitchen.  The girls shared a double bed.  On the foot end of their bed we placed two Easter Bunnies.  They were each about 18 inches tall. 
          We went to bed eager to hear delighted giggles and laughter in the morning but instead heard ear piercing screams.  One of the girls had awakened to see the silhouettes of the rabbits and not realizing what they were woke her sister screaming.  Of course then they both were screaming.  We had two little shaking, scared, tearful daughters.  They were huddled up on the head end of the bed as far from those bunnies as they could get. 
When Larry turned on the light the screaming slowly stopped and eventually turned into smiles and laughter.  A few minutes later they each had a bunny tucked safely under one arm while holding their baskets with the other hand searching high and low for Easter treats. 
Larry had the kids come to him one at a time.  He put their head under his arm in a headlock, and pretending to be rough, pulled and tugged at one an ear until a Cadbury egg would magically appear.  The kids would scream with delight and line up time after time to get another egg.
Heidi and Robin had a feast on jelly beans and Cadbury eggs.  When Robin got to the middle of her Cadbury egg she showed it to Adam.  Adam wasn’t interested.  I think it looked too much like real egg yoke to him.  He did give in after a little prompting, tasted the candy egg, and was hooked!  

The girls decided to take their bunnies to church.  Adam hid his for some reason but it had found its way to his bed when I tucked him in that evening.

We had a wonderful day.  That evening while we were relaxing I noticed the drawer next to Larry’s chair was ajar.  I don’t know what to say except that silly Easter Rabbit had hidden about six of those delicious Cadbury eggs in Larry’s drawer right where he could reach from his favorite seat.  I thought it was funny though that only two of the six had candy in them.  The other four were just empty wrappers…silly rabbit!

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  1. What a marvelous story. I do remember so many nights before Easters, hiding eggs and making personalized baskets for the kids.

    Easter, such a wonderful time for celebration.


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