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Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Entry 135: 1979 The Christmas Mouse

         Unfortunately part of living in the country, in the middle of an almond orchard, means an occasional mouse makes his way into the house.  One of our kids’ favorite books at Christmas time was the “Christmas Mouse.”
It became tradition in our family to set off all mouse traps on Christmas Eve.  I can still see all the kids little faces racked with fear as we’d tease, “This is the year we are going to catch the “Christmas Mouse” in a trap.”
           This statement was always met with the same resistance and tears.  “But mommy, you wouldn’t catch the Christmas Mouse, you would kill it!  We just can’t kill him mommy, we just can’t!”  
         Our kids knew where all the traps were and were delighted when evening came and Larry announced it was time to set off the traps.  We always made sure there was a trap for each child to set off.  Everyone felt they had personally saved the mouse!  

          The funny part of this story is the kids would hand me the cheese and never blink an eye the morning after Christmas when we reset the traps!

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  1. Such smart kids.... Of course the "Christmas Mouse" wouldn't come out the day after...hahaha

    Love your stories!


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