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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Book Entry 85: 1969 The Mailbox Walk

I lived in fear each time I went to gather the mail praying there wouldn’t be a draft notice for Larry.  I know he would have gone and once he learned how to take an order, he would have done well.  God must have known I could not have made it without Larry.  We were so young.  I know He kept Larry home with me.  I know He’s always watching out for me. 
Larry’s status changed from a 1-A (eligible and going) to a 2-S (student deferment) and back several times.  He had a 4-F deferment for a short time at one point because of his chronic asthma but it was changed to a student deferment again.
 I hated my walk to the mailbox.  Every morning I would put it off as long as possible.  The mail was delivered at about 9 in the morning.  Larry would come in for lunch at about 11:30.  He always wanted to see the mail right away.  Our driveway was pretty long.  It took a few minutes to walk from my front door to the mailbox.  My heart would pound and feel like it was in my throat.

My cats would go with me on my mailbox walk.  I’d stop often to look at the blossoms or the maturing almonds or a gopher hole or anything to keep me from my goal.  Once I had the mail in my hand I’d sort through it quickly and when there was no mail from Uncle Sam I’d walk quickly back home.  
Once back at the house I'd get on with the business of living and daily chores  knowing the following day I'd be making that dreaded walk again.


  1. it must have been a frightening time for sure, constantly worrying, thankyou for sharing

  2. We don't have many Military people in our immediate family. My Dad had a medical deferment. I had had a cousin killed in WWII only weeks after he was deployed.

    Don missed the wars as he was between two, and in college.

    I can just imagine that dreaded walk.


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