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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Entry 83: 1969 Larry's 1913 Ford Restoration

         Putting up with old cars has always been part of loving Larry.  Over the years I have learned to love them too.  However, many times over the years time with me got put off so Larry could visit his “Lizzy” in our garage.  Many trinkets and household items were delayed so “Lizzy” could have a new radiator or a new set of wheels.  And as if one car wasn’t enough I don’t exaggerate to say there have been dozens.  
To be fair I must admit if updates were needed in the house, if the kids needed something unexpected, or the ranch needed an extra amount of spray or fertilizer Larry never hesitated in selling a car or two to get us through the crisis.  He seemed to enjoy buying them in pieces, sometimes in boxes, fixing them up and selling them.  He loved figuring out what was needed to get them into running shape.  He loved working on them. He loved the sound of the motor the first time it would start.  Many times he’d come get me so I could hear the motor the first time it “turned over.”  I will admit there is something magical about putting all the pieces together and making something as grand as a working automobile.  
          This story is about a 1913 Ford.  The first picture shown is in Larry’s parents’ driveway.  He had driven the car over to show them what progress he had made on it.  I was already at their house.  I took this picture and he asked me to hop on for a ride.  Of course I hoped on.  Do you see the towel in the picture?  The towel is to keep gasoline from slopping out of the gas tank because we didn’t have a gas cap for the tank.  We started up the rode for a short ride when I noticed the not-too-terribly-uncomfortable place to sit was wet and my bottom felt as if it was on fire.
          The gas from the tank had not splashed out but it had splashed and been soaking into the towel as if it were a wick. Larry pulled to the side of the road.  When I turned and showed him my gas soaked britches he laughed.  I didn’t think it was funny.  I started walking back to the house.  Larry turned the car around and waved a real big wave as he passed me.
          When I got to the house Larry and his dad were standing there laughing big belly laughs as I walked into the back driveway.  Larry’s mom didn’t laugh out loud but she sure had a funny grin on her face.  The following are all pictures of the same car as it progressed.

          Yep, that’s me driving and sitting on a real seat!

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