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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Entry 41: 1960 The Butterfly Miracle

Mom called me out onto the porch one warm summer morning.  She pointed out a butterfly cocoon attached to the screen.  She told me she had been watching it for a couple of weeks and this particular morning the cocoon had begun to open.  She and I sat together on an old swing type chair and watched for the next couple hours while the opening slowly progressed.  It was amazing! 
When the butterfly came out of the cocoon mom  said she thought the butterfly had something wrong with it.  His body was very big and looked swollen and his legs were crinkled.  We watched for several minutes as the butterfly stretched its legs one at a time.  Next it became very still.    Slowly, first one and then the other, the wings began to expand, unfold, and take shape.  The butterfly was pumping its wings full of fluid from his body.  The butterfly turned from a cocoon to an ugly bunch of twisted legs and then to a beautiful Monarch right in front of us. 

Watching that butterfly was seeing a miracle right before our eyes.  As much as I remember watching the butterfly I remember my mom enjoying it with me.  It is a memory I still treasure.  I love finding miracles in even the smallest things, even if that thing has happened a billion times before.


  1. Such a miracle took place in my life, when I was dead in sin in my cocoon, and Jesus gave me new birth, by His death on the Cross...and now I fly like a butterfly...not in my strength, but His!

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Joyce.

  2. What a wonderful miracle. Experiencing it with your Mom mae it even more so.
    I ove what Wanda had to say in her comment too.
    That was my new birth too.

  3. well...we're just a bunch of butterflies aren't we....I'm glad to hear you are too...


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