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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Book Entry 45: 1961 Movie Money

I babysat Phillip for $.35 a week.  I’d get paid on Saturday mornings.  Saturday afternoons I would ride by bike to the theater in Hughson.  We saw some good Disney movies in that old theater.  Each week we’d also see a newsreel, a cartoon, and an episode of some continuing-adventure like “The Iron man” or “Hopalong Cassidy.” 
Mom belonged to the women’s club in charge of the refreshment counter at the theater.  The weeks she worked at the theater I got all the popcorn I could eat for free.
 I usually had to pay $.25 to get into the theater, $.05 for a drink and $.05 for popcorn.   When mom worked I got a candy bar for $.05 and still got the popcorn too!  It wasn’t till I was much older that I figured out my $.35 allowance was exactly what it cost for me to go to the movie.  Mom was pretty smart that way!

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  1. all mums are smart like that!!what a great story!


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