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Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Entry 36: 1959 Suprising Admonition

We went to my Grandpa Starn’s house for a bar-b-que.  Grandpa took me into his boysenberry garden and let me pick berries and put them straight into my mouth.  I thought that was quite a treat.  Then he let his geese out of their pen to show me.  They hissed and quaked and pecked me on the legs.  I don’t think he knew they would do that, at least I hope he didn’t.  I remember it hurt and left bruises.
Later I was in the kitchen with Sarah getting ready to bring things outside for dinner.  Sarah was my grandpa's second wife.  I was nibbling on a ginger cookie and said, “Grandma, you make the best cookies!”  Without missing a breathe she looked at me saying, “Don’t call me grandma, I’m just married to your grandpa.  You can call me Sarah.”  I was just a little kid.  I didn’t know why she suddenly seemed so different and so mean.  I think her wanting me to call her Sarah instead of grandma hurt more than those geese biting my legs!
From that day forward I never did like her.  When we’d go to visit I would visit and play with my grandpa but not her.  I noticed the other kids did the same and later learned they’d also gotten the same instruction from Sarah.


  1. I could read these all day,, you are an excellent writer,, painting beautiful pitures with your words,

  2. What a loser Sarah was...just think of the love and affection she could have shared by being your "grandma"....

    I had a step grandpa I was afraid of, but that another story.


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