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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Entry 34: 1959 School Morning Surprise

I could hear our school bus coming from the time it turned onto our road.  I could hear it rumble and bang as it came down our bumpy road.  I remember one morning hearing David getting ready for school.  I got up, made my bed, dressed myself and brushed my teeth.  I could hear the bus coming the whole time, the bus brakes began to squeak and the bus begin to rattle as it came to a stop.  I could hear the neighbor kids talking, the screech of the bus door closing, and the bus engine roar to life as it took off again down the road. 
It turns out I had been asleep dreaming I was getting ready for school!   The bus leaving without me was not a dream.  I sat on the edge of the bed wondering why mom hadn’t awakened me.  When she came into my room I asked her why she had allowed me to sleep.  I was upset I had missed the bus.  I was afraid she was going to be mad and need to drive me to the school.  Mom walked to my dresser, picked up my mirror, walked back to my bed and held it up in front of my face.  I was covered with spots! 
It turned out to be a long week of toast, 7-up, and chicken noodle soup.  I had the Chicken Pox!  I had a gazillion spots and my skin smelled a sickening sweet smell.  I don’t remember being sick but I do remember itching and the smell!  When my brothers got the Chicken Pox they smelled the same way.  Years later I recognized the smell when my kids got the Chicken Pox!

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  1. Oh yes, those chicken pox... our three older kids got them when we were living in Santa Barbara. Jill was only 6 mo. old and the doctor said because I was nursing her, she wouldn't get them.... HaHaHa....a few days later we counted 30 pox on that baby.!!!!


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