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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Entry 40: 1960 The Great "Hit and Run"

Grandma Stevens had agreed to keep Ellen, me, Susan Powell, and Linda Hampton for the night.  We talked her into taking us to the drive-in movie.  Somewhere, between my house and the movie we hit something in the road.  Grandma stopped the car and stared into her rear-view mirror.  She had run over an opossum!
All of us girls were hanging out of the car windows to see if the opossum was moving or not.  Grandma said it had better get moving if it wasn't dead or it soon would be.  She slowly backed up next to the opossum to get a good look at it.  Well, the car had run directly over the poor little guys head.  There was no question he was dead.  
Grandma sighed in relief.  She said she couldn't leave it there if it was hurt and didn't know what she'd do if it was still alive.  She went on to say she didn't know which one of us girls she would have hold it till we got home if it had been alive.  By that time we'd all seen the mangled body.  We let out a collective scream and rolled up the windows.  I'm not positive but I think grandma was just kidding.  I'm sure glad we didn't need to find out...just in case!
  I don’t know if grandma was afraid grandpa would be mad at her for hitting the opossum or tease her for it, but she swore us all to secrecy.  I don’t remember what movie we saw that night but we had a blast because we saw it with Grandma. 


  1. Oh what a funny story. Remember Lucky Drive-In in Turlock?? Is that where you saw it.

  2. I'm not sure if it was in Turlock or in Ceres Wanda.


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