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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Entry 31: 1959 The Cover Crop Bouquet

                                                 Me, my doll, and my brother David.

The field had baby trees.  Dad planted a cover crop in the field to help hold in the moisture.  When the plants were about two to three feet tall they began to bloom.  There were lavender, pink, white, and blue flowers.  I took the better part of an afternoon picking a beautiful bouquet for my mom.  I showed it to dad on my way past the barn.  He said mom was going to love it.
When I got to the kitchen I remember holding the bouquet up for mom to take.  It broke my heart when she pushed the bouquet away and said, “You’re not supposed to pick those.  Those are just weeds!”  I put the bouquet down to my side and went out to the burn barrel.  Dad had gone with me when I’d tried to give mom the flowers.  He’d heard her comment to me.  He’d seen my disappointment and watched me throw the “flowers” away.  He tried all evening to make me smile but my little heart was really bruised.  I don’t think mom knew how much she had hurt me when she refused my gift but I’m fairly certain dad explained it to her in great detail. 
The next day the three of us went out to the field and together picked an even bigger bouquet which was divided and prominently displayed in the kitchen, the living room, my bedroom and my parent’s bedroom!


  1. what a sweet story,, I think your Dad was a really good guy,

  2. Love your Dad's reaction and insights into a child's heart.

    What a wonderful ending to what could have been a very hurtful memory.


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