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Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Entry 14: 1957 Sharing My Lunch

Sharing My Lunch

In my second grade class there was a girl named Katie Flemming.  Katie was extremely thin.  She looked like skin on bones to me.  Her eyes were dark and sunken.  I got in trouble several times that year for giving her part of my lunch.  It kind of happened accidentally one day while we were talking in the lunch line.  When we took our plates she didn’t get one but she went to the table and sat with me.  I remember a scared look on her face at the table.  When I offered her part of my lunch she took it immediately, gulping it down, constantly looking from side to side as she ate.
The next few days when the lunch line formed she made sure she was next to me.  She continued sharing my lunch as the lunch lady watched.  This continued for about three weeks at which time Katie and I were called into the principle’s office.  We skipped down the hall to the meeting not thinking we’d done anything wrong.  When we got to his office the principle, my mom, Katie’s mom and the lunch lady were all there.
While we weren’t in trouble I was told from that day forward I could not let Katie or anyone have food from my tray.  The principle said arrangements had been made for Katie to have her own tray.  We giggled as though we’d won a prize.  I will never forget the look on my mom’s face as the lunch lady shared with the group what I had done in sharing my lunch.  I will never forget the smile of gratitude Katie’s mom gave me.
          Katie and I remained lunch mates.  Katie was so proud to lift her hands up to receive her very own tray at the end of the line.  I’m not sure who, either my mom or the principle, but someone paid for Katie’s lunch for the rest of her time at Hughson.  She moved away the summer after second grade.


  1. That's another wonderful story of how things were so different back in our days.

    I had a friend Janice Alberg who always brought a "goumet" lunch. Her mother made little egg salad sandwiches without crust. Some nice apple slices, a cupcake. Every day she would have this lovely lunch. One day, she said, "Wanda would you trade lunches with me today?" Wow, I said yes in a hurry, and gave her my plain bologne sandwich and a bag of chips. What a deal for me. Guess she just got tired of that gormet stuff every day!!

    Joyce...your stories are jogging memories I have remembered for years. Thanks!

  2. what a lovely story, I wonder if Katie still thinks of this,, I imagine she does.Nothing is more sad than a hungry child,

  3. what a tender and sweet story. I bet Katie never forgot your kindness to her!


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