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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

43 Years is Not Enough

June 22, 1968

It was a record setting day for heat in Hughson, California.
Our ceremony was at 8:00 in the evening allowing for farmers to finish their day, clean up, and join us at the church. The church did have a new air conditioner but in an attempt to save money it wasn't turned on until just before the guests started to arrive.
The church was full, the balcony was full, the foyer was full, even the steps outside were lined with guests.

When my dad was walking me into the church one of my slippers came off. A friend giggled as she slipped it back onto my foot saying, "You look just like Cinderella." I felt just like her too, like a bride should feel, like that day was just for me and all my friends were there to enjoy it with me.

When we were taking our vows I noticed the long tapered candles were are so hot they were bending. There were about twenty candles and they were bending in all directions. Sweat beads were dripping from our faces. I remember the butterflies in my stomach, the squeek in my voice, and our first kiss.

We've had many struggles in our life together. Lots of wonderful memories and lots not so wonderful as life has thrown some hard obstacles our way. I used to think it must surely be an unmentioned sin to love someone as much as I loved Larry when we were dating and first married. I've never changed. I love him more every day. 43 years is not nearly long enough.

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  1. Wonderful wedding story, and you do look just like Cinderella. Beautiful.

    How wedding was almost identical, as I will share on my post on the 24th. Candles melted, sweat beads everywhere.

    Congratulations, to a dear and treasured couple.


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