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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book entry 134: 1979 Surgery

          I checked into the hospital about three in the afternoon.  My surgery was scheduled for eight the following morning.  I was nervous.  I’d delivered babies but never had surgery before.  I didn’t know what to expect.
I remember lying on the operating table waiting for the doctor to enter the room to do my surgery.  Four nurses were with me.  We were all chatting as they prepared me and the table of instruments for the surgery. There were workmen on the roof of the hospital.  A new coat of tar was being added.
  Something the workers on the roof were doing was making a lot of noise.  It was so loud it was disturbing the nurses.  One of the nurses even commented to another the noise was distracting and questioned if maybe they didn’t know it was right over an operating room. 
I was looking at the ceiling and visiting with the nurses when I noticed a small crack in the ceiling.  As they continued complaining about the noise I thought I saw the crack grow!  I had been given a shot to relax me and for a moment thought I might be imagining it.  Then there was another loud sound and the crack turned from a straight line into a larger crooked line. 
I’ve always believed we have guardian angels.  I’ve seen proof of angels several times in my life; I’d even seen proof of angels a couple times in my kid’s lives.  And then the one time, while having our twins, I saw their angel.
 I chuckled to myself while I watched the crack continue to grow.  I remember thinking this would be a good chance for my guardian angle to help me since I was strapped down and could not move or defend myself.  I figured since I had seen an angel in the hospital before maybe I would see one again.  This time it would be mine!
One of the nurses noticed a concerned look on my face while looking at the ceiling.  Just as she followed my gaze to the ceiling a huge hole opened up and a chunk of ceiling about two foot square dropped down to the floor.  Three of the nurses jumped away from my bed.  The fourth nurse threw herself across my midriff to protect me as several of the smaller pieced hit me legs and tummy directly.  I had my hands tied at the time making me completely helpless so I was extremely thankful for the faithful nurse.
When the rush of dust cleared I looked to the ceiling to find a worker’s leg and work boot hanging down into the operating room.  I kept looking.  In a few seconds I could see the workers’ face looking at me with the same surprised look I had on my face.  He had on a hard hat, big thick gloves, and a look of shock!  The poor guy was going about his business when all of the sudden what he was working on caved in and there I was. 

The nurse started brushing the debris away from my arms and legs.  When I started to laugh she questioned me.  “Why in the world are you laughing?” she asked.  I laughed even harder and explained, “All my life I’ve wanted to see my guardian angel, I just wasn’t expecting him to show up in work boots and a hard hat!” 
The other nurses came back and helped clean me up.  I was taken into the adjoining operating room where the surgeon proceeded with the operation.
When I got back to my room and started regaining my sense, I told Larry the ceiling had collapsed on me before the surgery had started.  He reassured me it had not happened and I was imagining it.  I insisted.  When the nurse came in to check on me he questioned her and she verified my story!
Larry had been nervous about this surgery too.  When I looked around the room I saw a beautiful bouquet of red roses.  In all our years together and all the flowers he’s given me I only remember once it wasn’t roses.  Better yet; of all the roses he’s given me only one time they were not red.
Our pastor at the time was Pastor Reynolds.  He came in to visit that evening when my surgeon, Dr. Reynolds was checking on me.  I was still a little groggy from the medication of the surgery.  I remember saying, “Dr. Reynolds meet Pastor Reynolds and Pastor Reynolds this is Dr. Reynolds.  I’m sure glad you guys both have the same name or I couldn’t have introduced you!”
When Larry asked me if I was in pain I remember telling him I felt as if I’d been cut in half.  When the nurse came in to change the pad on my incision I could see I had been!  The incision extended from under my left breast to my right hip!  I was in the hospital for seven days.  
For the next five days I had Jell-O for meals three times a day and for snacks another three times a day.  I had Jell-O for thirty meals in a row.  On the morning of the sixth day when the nurse came in with another bowl of Jell-O I refused to eat it.  I told her I’d like toast or anything but Jell-O.  
I was given toast for my breakfast and a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  I was so excited to have real food.  About an hour after my turkey feast I had the worst stomach ache, gas, in the history of the world!  I guess all that Jell-O was a good idea after all.
What a relief it was to get home after that week in the hospital.  The kids had loved the little gift hunt every day and Larry had kept them busy.  The whole house was clean when I walked through it to get to the bedroom.  The kids came in to see me one at a time.  They were not allowed on the bed.  
I remained in bed most of the time for another few days.  As my strength returned I was able to get up and stay up longer each day.  I am so glad gall bladder surgery has changed over the years.  Instead of a week in the hospital now it is an out-patient surgery.  
Heidi said, “I’m sure glad your home mommy.  Daddy made us work real hard.  I hope you like the house because we had to clean everything.  I put a trash can right there by your bed.  Be sure if you have any trash you put it in the can and not on the floor!”
I loved the story I had to tell of the workman coming through the ceiling.  I was sorry I didn’t get to see my guardian angel but when I looked at my kids I figured I had three little angels of a different sort living right in the house with me.  
I am a patient woman.  I will see my guardian angel soon enough!  When I think of all the trouble he has kept me out of and all the hard times he’s protected me; I think he just might be wearing a hard hat and boots!


  1. what a wonderful story, i really enjoyed this,

  2. HaHa...Oh JOyce I wouldn't have missed this story for the world! Oh my after reading your story...I am so fortunate I was in at 7:30 am and home by 3 pm... Three little holds and they sucked that gb out, and I've felt great since.
    Thanks for sharing your gb story... and what a story it was.


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