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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book Entry 131: 1979 The Man in the Moon

       I always checked on my kids before going to bed myself.  One particular night when I entered Robin’s room she was opening her curtains and staring into the night sky.  When I asked what she was doing she told me she was opening the curtains so Jesus could watch her sleep. 
I asked what she meant.  She told me sometimes His window was open bigger than other times and she could see Him watching her.  I went to the window to see what she was talking about and she proudly pointed at the glowing full moon.  “See?” she said, “Tonight you can see His face.” 
I loved what she said so much I didn’t correct her.  I wasn’t sure if she was kidding or if she really thought the “man in the moon” was Jesus watching her.  A few nights before we had been sitting in the dark backyard talking about the stars and the “man in the moon.”  We also talked about how Jesus is always watching us and taking care of us.  Somehow she had put the two facts together as one. 
Several times after that when I’d notice her curtains open I would ask, “Is He watching tonight?”  She would answer with a nod or she would just giggle.  I love the innocence of children.  How comforting it must have been for her to think she could look out the window and see Him watching over her.  I could not; I would not take that thought from her.

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  1. Those special moments for our children, last a lifetime and influence who we become. Robin has become such a lovely godly woman. You were such a good mom and role model.


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