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Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Entry 132: 1978 Monkeys

I learned how to make sock monkeys by ordering a bunch of red-heel socks online.  The socks came with instructions.  When they arrived, I did like always, I read the directions and taught myself how to make them.  Two very small socks were included as a gift with my purchase.  I made about twenty monkeys that year including one about 6 inches tall.  
I figured the little monkey would take less time to make but it ended up taking about twice as long.  The tiny legs, arms, and tail were nearly impossible to stuff.  Adam loved that little monkey even before it was finished.  He sat right next to me as I sewed on the last arm and leg.  When it was finished I handed it to Adam.  
Adam had been having trouble getting a couple of his teeth.  That monkey went straight into his mouth.  He started making a silly little sound like he was purring.  The little monkey was Adam’s best friend for a long time.
When I was writing this book Adam sent me this photo.  It made me happy he still had the little monkey.  He had put it in a safe place with a little doll I had given him when he was a baby.  In 1968 Larry had bought me the doll to show me the size of the baby I was pregnant with at the time.  A flood of memories came rushing into my heart when I saw this photo.  Memories are such a wonderful gift!

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  1. Such precious memories. I never made one of those monkeys but my mom and aunt Cassie made a bunch of them.


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