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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Entry 89: 1970 The Monster Turkey

          Along with the chicks we had bought earlier in the Spring Larry bought a couple of baby turkeys.  I don’t remember what happened to the second turkey but one we saved and continued to feed past the recommended age for butchering.  It grew and grew.  He was huge.  I thought when we got this fellow into our freezer we would have a supply of turkey dinners to admire.   
When Larry put the turkey’s head on the block and chopped it he didn’t cut it off he only wounded it.  Larry was holding the turkey by the legs.  The turkey started flapping his wings and trying to get away from Larry.  It made sense he fought so hard after all Larry was trying to save our dinner and that turkey was trying to save his life!   The next day Larry’s arms and body were black and blue from the beating he took.  When the turkey was plucked and gutted we weighed him; he weighed over 45 pounds!
We were excited to divide the turkey into four sections.  I immediately got our first portion of the turkey into the oven.  I fixed potatoes, Jell-O, green beans, cranberries, whipped cream and pumpkin pie.  I was so excited to set the table with this feast. 
The table was set with flowers from our garden and candles.  I had used china and crystal we received as wedding gifts. Everything was perfect!  I had counted all day on a romantic dinner we could both always remember. 
By the time Larry took the turkey from the oven our house was filled with the fragrance of Thanksgiving.  Larry put the turkey on a cookie sheet. After it had cooled a bit he began carving.  We both began taking little nibbles of meat.  We both began taking the meat from our mouths and trying new bites.  After a while we began grinning and then laughing out loud! 
That silly turkey had won after all!  It was so tough and stringy we absolutely could not eat it.  What a disappointment!  We threw away all the meat.  I was heartbroken. 
Larry insisted having no meat did not mean having no meal.  We still had candles, beautiful dishes, flowers and each other.  He can usually make me feel better with his optimism. 
When all was said and done our dinner turned out to be one we truly would remember.  We had all the fixings for a turkey feast except the turkey and gravy.  As luck would have it; the fragrance of turkey lingered in the air through dinner helping make the meal almost perfect!

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