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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Entry 74: 1966 Larry Graduates from Turlock High

                        Larry's Senior Picture

Larry's family and mine sat together in the bleachers for the ceremony.  I remember it was hot.  The main speaker was General Patton, the son of the famous General Patton.
I don’t remember the speeches but I do remember when one of the speakers was talking a dog walked up to the podium, lifted his leg, and relieved himself on it.  The audience clapped and laughed.  
When graduation was over the graduates all threw their caps into the air and ran (in no orderly fashion) in every direction.  
It was another step into adulthood.  Time seemed to be flying!

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  1. Joyce.... Always something funny at graduations, it seems.

    I'm finally at a place I can blog a little and comment a little. Think of you daily and continue to say prayers for your Mom.

    Still taking care of Aunt Trula, and now dealing with some discomfort with the gall stones. Have a Dr. appt. on 9/12 to get some answers.

    Will be keeping in touch.


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