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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Entry 57: 1963 Healing Warts

          It was the beginning of summer.   I had acquired a nice little patch of warts on my right knee.  Grandma was at our house visiting when she noticed my warts.  She told me to get an onion from the garden.  I did.  She cut the onion in half and rubbed it on my knee.  Next she went into the field, turned around facing us, and threw the onion over her shoulder.  On her way back to us she said in a loud voice, “Nobody get that onion or find where it landed.  It will only take away the warts if no one sees the onion again!  They should be gone by Christmas!”  Grandma said it with such authority I almost believed her.  I was ready for my warts to disappear.
       Summer went by quickly.  I kept a close eye on my knee waiting for the warts to disappear but instead they multiplied so badly our doctor had to put some type of drops on them.  I remember the drops burned and for days my knee itched terribly.  
         We were visiting grandma one day after the warts started drying and peeling off.  She took great interest in my knee.  I remember sitting next to her on the couch.  My leg was in her lap and she was rubbing her hands on my knees.  Her hands were smooth on the top but her finger tips and palms were rough from work.  It felt good when she started rubbing my knee.  
           After a bit I noticed my knee began to tingle and then it began to burn.  When I complained to grandma she said it was probably the onion she had rubbed on her hands and into my knee as we sat there.  She was a wonderful, loving, tricky, and stubborn lady!  She had sneaked a second dose of onion onto my warts!
           By trick or doctor, by onion or medicine, Grandma turned out to be right.  The warts were all gone by Christmas!

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