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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Entry 65: 1964 Donkey Basketball

I was thrilled to be in high school.  It seemed my friends and I were so grown up.  I thought having a locker was great, although I was always afraid I’d forget my combination which, by the way, was 31-3-36.  I was afraid then I couldn’t remember it and now I can’t forget it!  
My freshman year our varsity basketball team split into two groups and played a game on donkeys.  They did it in the gym, on that precious gym floor we all had to take our shoes off to walk across.  I couldn’t believe donkeys were going to be allowed on that floor!
During the game one of the boys fell off his donkey and began having a seizure on the gym floor.  Whispers quickly went threw the crowd letting us know the boy had epilepsy.  The attending doctor and a coach stayed by him until we was able to walk to the bleachers, everyone in the crowd clapped, and the game continued. 
The seizure would have probably happened anyway but that was the end of the Donkey Basketball games at Hughson.  I thought that was too bad.  The boy who had the seizure was embarrassed it had happened but even more embarrassed the games would not be allowed again.

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