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Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Entry 171: 1986 Adam Boogie Boarding in our Pool

We would empty our pool every spring and fill it with fresh water.  This year we happened to do it on April 1st.  It took two days to fill the pool using two garden hoses. 
The sun was shining and it looked a lot warmer than it actually was.  When the pool had only a couple of feet of water in it Adam got out his Boogie Board and began using it in the pool.  We had the hoses running into the pool at the shallow end so the pool was wet and slippery. 
Boy did he have fun!  Soon Heidi and Robin joined in on the fun.  They would play until their lips were blue and their teeth chattered so hard I could hear them.  When their toes hurt from the cold they would lay on the warm cement sandwiched in between two towels until they warmed up again.  
It was a fun day of an unexpected activity producing several bloody knees and fingers but lots of laughter.  After that year the kids Boogied every time we filled the pool.

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