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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Entry 172: 1986 Our Big Adventure Across the Sea...(part 1)

         Larry and I took a trip to Switzerland.  It was a whirlwind trip.  It lasted about ten days but every minute of every day was packed with new adventures, new tastes, and new sights.  We officially attended a short almond convention and unofficially had a ten day blast of a trip.  Some of the highlights I remember are:
       I remember when we boarded the plane with an 18 hour travel period ahead of us people began talking of how we would all have jet-lag and waste our first day in Geneva Switzerland.  We were so excited we barely napped on the plane.   

I don’t recall where we landed but we needed to board another, much smaller plane, for the final leg of our journey.  When we were all seated and buckled in we noticed outside by our plane a long row of suitcases.  I thought I recognized ours and wondered why it was sitting out in the rain.  Just then an announcement came over the loudspeaker.  All gentlemen were asked to leave the plan, identify their luggage, and re- board the plane.  Ladies were to remain seated.  I watched out the window as the suitcases were identified and loaded onto the plane.  Larry returned to his seat.  We continued watching.  When all luggage had been claimed, one suitcase remained.  It was still sitting there on the pavement when our plane rolled away for take off.  No explanation was given.  It was a bit unsettling.
         When we arrived in Switzerland the next morning we put our belonging in our room and left to see the town.  I guess we just didn’t have time to have jet-lag.

       Our first night was spent in a tiny motel behind a restaurant.  It was nothing fancy.  I remember the tiny elevators with barely room for two and suitcases.  The four of us had to divide into couples to get upstairs on the elevator.  It had a little expandable gate that closed and then the door.  It creaked and groaned and shook as it traveled up the shaft. 

        Our second and third night we stayed at Le Montrose Palace overlooking the Alps.  It cost about $300 a night!  When the fellow opened the door for us I went straight to look out the window.  He pointed out Lake Lemon in our view and on the far side of Lake Lemon was France.  I remember seeing Matterhorn Mountain and actually recognizing it from the ride at Disneyland!  The view alone was worth the cost of the stay.  

        When I say palace…it really was.  Some of the rooms had armed guards standing in the halls.  We had a buffet type extravagant dinner.  I’d never seen anything like it, nor have I since.  Everyone was dressed very professionally.  Very uppity for us.  Larry and I both felt out of place but Larry went from person to person joining in conversations as if he were comfortable.
        The next night was a dream.  We had dinner a beautiful building.  It was seven courses.  Each course was served with a different type of wine.  By the end of the night it looked as if someone had taken a giant bubble gun and blown it at the tables as they were absolutely covered with wine glasses.   

        During the dinner there was a program.  A lady in Swiss dress came out leading a cow in the program.  I couldn’t help think any minute that poor cow was going to do something on the floor but she never did.   

       Three gentlemen in Swiss clothing came out with those huge horns, about 20 feet long and blew them.  They had to blow four or five times before any sound started.  Next there were dancers in Swiss attire.  The whole program was wonderful.  
       We shared the table with the Ambassador to France.  He invited the four of us to come see him in France the next day at his home. He wanted his wife to meet us and to show us where he lived.  We were all excited!  Later we were uninvited when the Ambassador learned the couple traveling with us was not married but only traveling together.   

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