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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Book Entry 165: 1984 Disappearing Mother

Justin was in his room when I had the bright idea to play a joke on him.  I called him from my bathroom.  When I could hear his little footsteps getting near I flushed the toilet, jumped into the shower, and quietly pulled the door closed.  
When Justin was almost to the bathroom I began calling out, “Justie, help.”  I repeated it two or three times each time getting quieter until I was silent.  I listened.  I heard Justin continue into the bathroom calling out, “Mommy? Mommy?”  He took the bait and thought I’d gone down the toilet!   He turned and took off running for the stairs.  
I quickly got out of the shower and pretended to be hanging things in my closet.  Justin returned a few minutes later.  He walked past the closet door into the bathroom.  He stared at the toilet for a long time with a puzzled look on his face.  When he came near me again he wrapped his arms around my knees and gave me a big hug never saying anything about what had happened.
I noticed later as he used the bathroom he was standing on his tip toes and a little farther from the toilet than I’d ever seen before!

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