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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Entry 164: 1984 Justin Gets a New Name

        Charlie joined our family the day before Justin’s second birthday.  Because Charlie and Justin are half-brothers it made the day even more special.  Robin said,  “Now they are whole brothers and I am their whole sister!”  
        A few months later we went before the judge to make Justin an official Reed.  Again, we made a family event out of it and took all the kids to see the judge.  As luck would have it, this was during the time Justin had fallen in love with his cowboy outfit. 
For days he had worn his cowboy hat, chaps, kerchief, gun, and holster.  It was the first thing he’d look for in the morning and he’d fight to keep it on at bedtime.  His cowboy outfit was the first thing Justin actually took physical and mental possession of. 
Justin would pull the kerchief over his mouth and think we couldn’t tell who he was.  He’d walk from room to room shooting us expecting a long-lasting death scene every time.  Adam was great; he’d grab his chest and do a spiral that would last for minutes as he’d wobble and sway ending in a heap on the floor.  Justin would burst into loud giggles and immediately begin seeking his next victim.  Heidi and Robin didn’t think it was as much fun as Adam did so more often than not Justin would find Adam and shoot him again!
We met the judge in his chambers.  A huge smile covered his face when our family filed into the office.  Justin really caught his eye when he entered wearing his cowboy outfit, spurs clanking on the tile floor, his gun drawn and aimed directly at the judge.  One by one this kind man greeted the kids, shook their hands, asked their names, and asked each one of them if they wanted to make Justin their brother.
          The room was full of laughter.  Finally the judge set Justin up on his desk.  Justin’s holster hit the desk with a loud thud.  The judge bent down to Justin, pushed his cowboy hat to the side, and whispered something into his ear.  Justin grinned and the judge’s eyes sparkled as he stood.  He set Justin on the floor and proclaimed, “Well you’re official.”
          Larry shook his hand again and we filed out the door.  When we got into the hall the kids all began to laugh and chatter.  I asked everyone to be quiet and bent down to Justin asking what it was the judge had whispered into his ear.  Justin got the biggest smile on his face and told me.   “Mommy, he said he never changed a cowboy’s name before.” 
          I shared with the family and we all laughed as we followed our little cowboy down the hall.  When we got to the glass door Justin drew his pistol making sure the way was safe and we all proceeded to the car.

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