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Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Entry 166: 1985 Robbery at our Church

 We came outside after the church service at First Baptist in Turlock to find a couple fellows rummaging through some of the vehicles.  Several of the men started chasing them up the street.  Larry cornered one of the men behind the doughnut shop a block away.  The police were called and the men were arrested.
Several months later Larry was called to testify in court.  I suppose the lawyer was trying to make it seem Larry was prejudiced against one of the robbers over the other.  The lawyer asked Larry, “Why did you choose to chase the gentleman you chased and not the other?”  Larry answered without hesitation, “Because this one was fat and I knew I could catch him.” 
The judge sitting at the bench that day was Jeremy Cook’s dad, someone Larry had known all his life.  Larry’s answer caught him by surprise.  The judge laughed and snorted at Larry’s response.  Everyone in the courtroom chucked.  He gave Larry a parting smirk as he stepped down from the witness stand.  Oh…the memories!

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