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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book Entry 93: 1970 Heidi is Born

I remember being pregnant with Heidi.  I never worried for a moment about what had happened in our first pregnancy or that it could happen again.  It just never crossed my mind. 
In those days new fathers were not allowed in the delivery room so Larry waited in the next room while I delivered our daughter.  I can remember the first instant I saw her.  She looked like a miniature Larry.  When I saw her thirty minutes later in my room she looked completely different.  Heidi was by far the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen! 
Car seats were not a law at that time so I held Heidi on our drive home.  I remember riding up our driveway.  It was our first time going home as a family of three.  Larry opened the door of the car for me.  He took Heidi from my arms and carried her next to me.  When we got to the house he opened the door and let me enter first.  There were flowers on the table and the kitchen counter.  The house smelled of Pine sol.  The carpets were freshly vacuumed and everything was in place. 
I sat in our comfy little rocking chair as Larry placed Heidi in my arms.  He brought several vases of flowers in from the car, my luggage, baby gifts from the hospital, and the diaper bag.  Our living room quickly filled with items both familiar and unfamiliar to our little home.  From that day forward the condition of the house lost importance.  

            Our baby was our main focus.  Hair fashion didn't matter.  Sleep didn't matter.  Laundry didn’t matter.  Dust didn’t matter. Nothing about the house ever mattered like it did before we had Heidi.  As more children came into our family the pristine little dream home we’d once kept perfect faded from memory and was never missed!

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  1. Love the picture of Heidi and Larry sleeping...how sweet.

    Boy priorties do change after the first baby..I remember when Michel was born...everything else lost it importance.

    Heidi was a adorable baby, and she's a beautiful young woman now.


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