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Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Entry 107: 1973 The Missing Panty Hose

            When Larry was gone to work it was just me and Heidi.  We did everything together.  We made cookies, cleaned the house, investigated bugs in the garden.  We took Larry treats in the fields, fed chickens, and picked flowers for the house. 

            I encouraged her to touch, smell, and taste new things.  I wanted to be sure she would not be too timid to get all she could out of life.

           When Heidi asked me to buy curls for her hair I bought some soft little rollers and curled it for her. 

           When she asked me to make a pink hat, I taught myself to crochet.  I loved how she thought Larry and I could do anything she asked.  Of course we couldn’t, but we tried to make her think we could for as long as possible.  

I’m all for letting children be children.  I love the magic of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  We never had trouble separating the real meaning of such wonderful holidays with the fun silly part.  
We were at the beach when I found Heidi with a mouth full of sand.  While I was cleaning out her mouth I asked why she had eaten sand.  She simply said, “Oh mommy, I was just trying something new like you said to do.  Mommy, sand isn’t a good thing to eat so you don’t need to try.”

We were getting ready for church one Sunday morning.  I had my clothes laid out on our bed.  I went outside for a few minutes.   When I came in to get dressed I found Heidi in the living room.  She was almost ready too!

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