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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Book Entry 108: 1973 The Bear in the Backyard

          Heidi has always been stubborn.  Quiet and stubborn.  She would tip toe to the back door and try to get out, to find her dad, without me knowing.  I tried all types of signals.  I even tied bells onto the doorknob once so I could hear it if she opened it.  Somehow she got the bells off without me hearing and made her way outside.  Luckily, Larry had put the latch on the outside of the gate so Heidi could get no further than the yard.  That was okay with her too.  She had toys in the backyard.  What made it even more fun to escape was the fact Romeo always seemed to escape with her.

 One afternoon when we got home Reggie was sitting in our backyard with a dead bear in his truck.  He told Heidi he’d shot it on our property while we were gone!  She was both interested in the bear and scared of it.

            After Reggie’s visit Heidi was a lot easier to keep inside the house!

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