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Monday, October 31, 2011

Book Entry 110: 1973 Another Baby on the Way

             It was June when I visited Dr. Bigelow to confirm I was pregnant again.  I was so excited.  Heidi was such a beautiful baby and was now such a beautiful little girl I couldn’t wait to have another baby in our family.  I tromped out into the field carrying a surprise McDonalds lunch for Larry to give him the news.
          He was excited too.  Larry was a great daddy.  He was very involved with our kids.  I have to be honest though there were two areas he wasn’t good at and refused to practice to get good.  Dressing and changing diapers were definitely left to me.  I remember one time when Heidi was only about a year old I had gone to the grocery store and left Heidi with Larry.  As soon as I opened the door to the house Larry said, “I think she might need changing.”  Boy did she!  At least it bothered him so I know if I was held up for a long period of time he would have eventually changed her.  It always makes me wonder just why he thought changing a poopie diaper didn’t bother me!  I didn’t like it either!
          Dr. Bigelow assured me when I met with him this pregnancy should go as smoothly as when I was pregnant with Heidi.  While our first pregnancy and the loss of our twins seemed to constantly nibble at the back of my thoughts I tried only to be positive.  
          We had fun making the calls to our parents again letting them know our family, and theirs, was growing again.  

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