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Monday, February 20, 2012

Book Entry 149: 1980 Adam's Missing Boot

Adam came running into the shop demanding Larry’s immediate attention.  He had a look between fear and pride on his face.  He was missing one of his boots.  When Larry asked him where the boot was Adam insisted Larry needed to follow him so he could see for himself.  

Adam led Larry to the driveway by the field where he had been riding the three-wheeler.  He said the boot got stuck when he “bumped” into the telephone pole. The three-wheeler was laying on its side in such a fashion Adam could not get free.  His foot was wedged between the bike and the hard dirt.  He solved the problem simply by pulling his foot from the boot.
 Larry sent Adam into the house to get me.  He probably thought I’d give Adam a lecture when I saw the boot but I didn’t  I was just glad he was okay and there were no cuts, scrapes, or tears involved.  My best guess is this was just before Adam’s fifth birthday.
 Larry could tell from the smirk on Adam’s face he’d learned a valuable lesson on what happens when a moving object hits a permanent one.  Fortunately there were no broken bones and no tears.  Larry easily set the three-wheeler upright.  
Adam slipped his foot into his boot, jumped on the three-wheeler, and sped down the driveway towards the orchards.  He didn’t stand around long enough for us to tell him to be more careful or to stay on the paths.  He didn’t look back or give us as much as a thank you.  As he passed the livestock he revved his motor…but just a little!

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  1. Been a little crazy around here...so behind in my computer visits.

    This is such a cute story. Will have to go back and catch the ones I missed.


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