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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Entry 146: 1980 A "Boys Day"

         Larry acquired a small aluminum boat.  He prepared Adam for a “boy’s day” fishing.  He showed him how to bait the hook and hold his fishing pole.  He gave him instructions on how to handle an oar and to stay seated while the boat was in the water.  
I remember them sitting in the boat together in the back yard.  Adam’s whole face was smiling.  He was so excited to be planning a dad with his dad.  When I looked at Larry he was smiling just as much as Adam.  The two of them did get to spend a lot of time together but it was mostly in the shop.  The day they were planning was going to be a day of fun.  

 The day turned out great!  Good weather, good fun, and good luck!

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