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Monday, December 12, 2011

Book Entry 122: 1975 Heidi Goes to Kindergarten

          Heidi’s first day of kindergarten was fun.  She cried when she realized I really was going to leave her.  I stayed for quite a while trying to get Heidi involved with some of the kids.  There was a little play house inside the room.  Finally, Heidi went to the roof of the playhouse with a little boy named Danny Oie.  Soon two or three other children were there with them and they started passing around little books.  As they scrambled to look at the pictures I went close and said good-by to Heidi.  Finally, she was alright with me leaving.  By then it was nearly 10:00 so I took Robin to visit my mom instead of heading home. 
We were back to get Heidi at 11:30.  Her teacher, Mrs. Wheeler, said she did fine and participated well with the other kids through the morning.  The next day Heidi acted like a different child.  When I pulled up next to the door, she was eager to get out and begin her day at school.  I was glad she had an easier time the second day but I think I was also glad she didn’t want to leave me the first day. 
It is hard for kids to let their parents go and it is hard for parents to let them advance to another stage of life.  I know that sounds silly but I realized now a new world would open for Heidi.  She would have more freedom, more friends, and more adults influencing her.  Larry and I would no longer have total control of what she would learn, where she would go, and who she would choose to have for playmates.   
Friday of the first week of school when I picked Heidi up her teacher notified me Heidi had been in a little trouble for standing on a table and squeezing a bottle of glue down onto the table.  At home it was Heidi’s job to tell me what Robin was doing, especially when it was something she shouldn’t be doing. 
By the time the first report cards came out Heidi had managed to become the class tattle-tale.  Mrs. Wheeler said she never told on anyone to get them into trouble.  “She simply keeps me very well informed of everyone’s behavior,” she said.  “I can tell she must be a little mommy at home with her sister because she really tries to take care of and watch over everyone in her class.”

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