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Monday, December 5, 2011

Book Entry 120: 1975 One Huge Surprise

            I was sitting on the couch watching Heidi play with Robin.  I was amazed at what a big help a three year old could be.  Heidi was on constant guard for Robin.  Heidi disappeared for a few minutes.  When she returned she was pinching her nose with the fingers on her left hand.  In her right hand was a clean diaper.  “Here mommy, I think you need this.”  Heidi was a huge help to me.
          Larry had burst into the house announcing we could leave for an unexpected three days at the beach.  We quickly packed swim suits, clothes, bags of food, diapers, sleeping bags, tent, and all the rest that goes with a vacation.      
 I hadn’t been feeling very well for a couple days and knowing this might be our last opportunity to get away until Spring, I grabbed the remaining morning sickness pills I had from my Robin pregnancy.  I had five pills.  We would be gone three days.  Perfect!  We had a great short vacation and I felt wonderful the whole time.
The first morning after we were home I felt bad again.  I managed to get the laundry finished and put away.  Both Heidi and Robin needed good scrubbings in the tub to get all the sand out of their hair.  While sitting in the bathroom watching Heidi play in the tub I got a real familiar sick feeling.  The idea hit me.  Could I possibly be pregnant? 

I still had two morning sickness pills left in the bottle.  I took one immediately.  I finished cleaning the girls and got the house in order.  I made a simple dinner and relaxed.  I took the last remaining pill that evening.  The next day I felt great.  We spent a good deal of the day in the orchard watching Larry run the almond knocker.
The next morning I woke up running to the bathroom to be sick.  The feeling was just too familiar to be anything else. I knew I was pregnant.  I called Dr. Bigelow, made an appointment, and saw him that same afternoon.  When he asked why I was there I told him, “I just came to let you know I’m pregnant again and I need some pre-natal vitamins.”
Robin was only seven months old.  We had taken precautions but the test came back positive.  Having another baby so close to Robin was not planned but within a matter of minutes the excitement of another new one in the house began to fill our hearts and thoughts.
Dr. Bigelow checked me out and informed me I was indeed pregnant and would be having a baby in the Spring.  The estimated date of arrival was April 1st.  How appropriate - April Fools Day!


  1. awww, thats so sweet, what a lovely surprise!
    I linked your blog a few posts ago, I haven't had a chanceto tell you.I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog,

  2. Love your positive attitude on that surprise. God is good and gave you a special gift.

  3. thank you Laurie and photowannabe.....

  4. I loving this journey with you Joyce. What a darling picture of the girls.

    Did Dr. Bigelow deliver all your children?


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