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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book Entry 124: 1977 Robin's Summer of Testing

          No matter how many times you tell a person not to do something sometimes they just have to test what you are saying.  This was Robin’s summer to test and find out if mommy and daddy really knew what they were talking about when it came to two things in particular. 
We had warned Robin never to put anything in the electrical socket but sometimes people just need to try things out.  Robin was playing in her bedroom by herself.  Heidi was at school, I was in the kitchen with Adam, and Larry was in the field knocking almonds.  I heard a loud “pop.”  The refrigerator stopped humming and the lights went off.  After a few seconds Robin started to scream.  It wasn’t just a scream for attention…there was an element of pain in her voice.  I raced for her bedroom.  It seemed to take forever to get to her. 
          When I got to the door of her bedroom I could see her sitting on the floor leaning against the wall.  She was gripping her right hand with her left hand.  I noticed the wall socket looked burnt and one of my metal curler pins was stuck in it. I heard someone knocking loudly at the back door.  I scooped Robin into my arms and went to the door.  Uncle Jay was working on the huller for us that summer.  He wanted to know if everyone in the house was alright.  I took him to show him the socket in Robin’s room.  He let out a big laugh and said that sure did explain what happened.  The electricity had blown in the house and in the shop and at the huller station. 
          It wasn’t long before the house began to hum again.  Larry came in with a huge grin n his face.  He scooped Robin into his arms.  He hugged her hard and spun around repeating, “I love you, I love you,” over and over again.  Then he sat her on the kitchen counter, looked her square in the face, and asked her, “What’d you learn?”  Without skipping a breath Robin looked him in the eye and said, “I think it must hurt to be a light bulb and I don’t like “tricity!”

          About two weeks later she forced her head through the slats on the end of her bed.  When I asked her why she did it she said she just wanted to know if it would fit.  Well…yes and no.  It fit through but it didn’t fit when she tried to pull it out.  Again I was in the kitchen when she started screaming.  This time Adam was in her room with her.  He started crying too.  Robin looked pathetic down on her knees at the foot of her bed with her head lying on the mattress through the slats.  I picked up Adam and went outside to get help. 
Junior Lariosa was working outside.  He gave me a silly grin when I explained the drama going on in the house.  He grabbed a little hand saw and followed me to Robin.  He had to saw out one of the slats to free Robin.  I must admit for the next few months she didn’t do any experimenting.

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