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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Book Entry 195: 1989 Adam And I Catch A Once In A Lifetime Sight

It was a beautiful fall afternoon.  Adam and I were standing in our living room looking at the electric wires across the street in the vineyard.  There was a long dark line of blackbirds sitting on the wire.  I was pointing out the birds to Adam when  a huge flock of birds flew up from the vineyard.  It was after the harvest and the blackbirds had been scavenging grapes left on and under the vine.  There must have been two or three thousand, it looked like a black cloud. 
The birds started landing on the wire.  As we watched Adam laughed and said they might not all have room to land.  Suddenly there was an electrical arch visible and our lights went out.  The wire had snapped beneath the weight of the birds.  I think they all started to fly at once and the pressure of all those little wings pushing the weight of all those birds at once caused the old line to snap.  The birds all fell about four or five feet at the same time then took off flying again.  It was a very odd thing and we had seen it happen!  I guess it was one of those things of being in the right place at the exact right time.

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