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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Book Entry 175: 1986 Our Big Adventure Across the Sea (Part Four)

       While in Germany we visited the largest inside train station in the world.  It was massive.  We ended our day at a huge local pub wanting to try some authentic German food.  The servers were all dressed in German clothing.  The beer steins had to hold a half gallon each.  They were huge.  Those servers would come away from the bar holding two or three steins in each hand and literally run to the tables to set them down.  I watched in disbelief.  
As happened several times, we ordered not knowing exactly what we were asking for, ate it not knowing how it was prepared, and having finished not knowing what we’d eaten.  If I remember correctly the food was pretty good.  Larry and Bob and Bob’s friend each ordered one of the beers.  Bob and his friend drank theirs.  Larry tasted his a couple times so he could say he did but he didn’t like it much.  

        While we sat eating we could hear a disturbance at the far end of the restaurant.  Over the next few minutes the noise grew louder as it moved our way and an occasional flash from a camera could be seen.  In a few minutes this little man dressed as a leprechaun made his way to the table next to us.  He very rudely would scold anyone taking his photo.  He would point his finger and tilt his head and rattle of curse words in German.  He’d jump up on the tops of tables and do a little dance which caused me to think he wanted his photo taken…then would come the rant when someone took it.  I took his picture and took my verbal beating with a smile.  It was a good act and certainly entertaining to tourists like us.  I think the tourists were entertaining to the German men and women who sat and laughed at him.           

        I’m glad the “leprechaun” was there.  He made that meal one of my favorite memories of he trip.

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