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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book Entry 118: 1974 My Hair and Robin's Toe

         It was June.  The weather was warm.  Mom was at our house visiting with the girls.  The four of us were outside.  Heidi was playing with her tricycle, mom was watching Robin, and I was getting a picnic lunch ready.
Robin was squirming a little bit and demanding attention more than usual.  She was wearing a pajama outfit with feet so her feet were not visible.  We decided she might just need changing to be more comfortable.  When I undressed her to change her diaper I found a long blond hair, mine, wrapped around the middle toe of her right foot.  
The hair was wrapped tightly many times around the tiny toe.  We couldn’t find an end to the hair or a way to unwind it.  The toe had turned black.  We struggled to get the hair off as quickly as possible to restore the blood flow.  I was afraid she would loose the toe but as soon as we got the hair off and started massaging the toe turned a nice pink again matching all the others.  I was careful to always inspect toes with every diaper change after that!


  1. oh my gosh, imagine that, amazing,
    I don't know why but your posts aren't coming up on my reader list, I have some reading to do!

  2. How scary! I'm glad she was ok.
    I found your blog through laurie at" when the bough breaks".

  3. So sweet baby and your family photos certainly bring you lots of GREAT memory. Nice to read your blog.

    Terrie from Hong Kong

  4. I have heard of that from my son and DIL - I have a one year old grandson and had never heard about it before that. Hi - I am here from Laurie's blog.


  5. Welcome Sandy and Terrie....I hope you enjoy....


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