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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Entry 115: 1974 My Mom Collides with a Horse

          Mom had spent the morning at our house.  She loved to play with Heidi.  We had a good time eating tiny cookies and drinking pretend tea.  Heidi was sad to see her leave. It wasn’t long after she left dad called to tell us she had hit a horse on Sante Fe between Denair and Hughson.
          Larry and I loaded Heidi in the car as quickly as we could and took off for the location of her accident.  Of course, mom was gone already but the car was still there.  So was the horse!  
I don’t remember going to the hospital but I’m sure mom did.  I think we saw her later that day at her house after the doctor checked her out.
The horse had run into her car (T-bone style) coming off another road.  Somehow mom’s car ended up on the railroad track and had to be pulled off.  Mom had lots of bumps and bruises.  The car and the horse were both totaled!

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  1. oh my gosh,, what a story, amazing,, I just can't imagine,, your family is going to be so lucky to have this blog made into a book.


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