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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Book Entry 202: 1994 Charlie and the Gate

          We had a huge rolling gate behind the shop.  We were all outside.  The bigger kids were four-wheeling through the fields.  Charlie was out playing and investigating as usual.  He had opened the gate and as he rolled it open it became dislodged.  It fell onto him.  He says he stood there for what seemed like hours, I think it was probably more like five minutes, holding the gate vertical while screaming for help. 
          No one heard him.  The engines of the four-wheelers were loud and everyone was screaming as they played.  Finally Adam and I heard Charlie and went to see what the screaming was about. 
          The gate had barbed wire across the top and Charlie had been afraid to drop it fearing it would have cut him.  To this day Charlie insists he was trapped a lot longer than the five minutes.  Because he was always wandering off to explore or sitting with the barnyard animals for hours at a time I really don't know how long he was missing.  That was not the only time Adam came to his rescue. 
          Charlie and Adam had an ongoing game of when one got the better of the other he would put his thumb under his chin and nod at the other.  That nod meant victor to the nodder.  When Charlie was safe and dusted off Adam grinned at him, looking all proud of himself placed his thumb under his chin and gave Charlie the dreaded nod, saying, "Looks like I saved your life again Charlie."
          Within two minutes Adam was racing Heidi up the hill again on his four wheeler and Charlie had snuggled into a cozy hay pile watching his goats play contemplating, I'm sure, his near death experience.

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  1. I surely love your family stories! It's like being there! :)


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