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Monday, June 24, 2013

Book Entry 177: 1986 The Pool and the Chicken Pox

           Our kids really enjoyed our pool in their growing up years.  In 1978 when the three older kids had the chicken-pox we heated the pool and let them swim to their hearts content.  It really did help them forget their itchiness.  I think the chlorine just might have helped a bit too.  They got the chicken pox in November so swimming was a real treat.  When we got the bill for heating the pool that month we disconnected the heater!  It was never turned on again. 
           It didn’t seem to matter to the kids what month it was, if the sun was out and the water wasn’t cold enough to take their breath away they’d try to swim.  Once in a while they’d get in as far as the steps, turn purple, have shortness of breath and get out again, but usually at least one of them would get all the way in to heckle the rest.  Yes, there were lots of very short “dips” in the winter months. 
           When we got home from our trip to Europe Justin and Charlie were blossoming with the Chicken Pox.  The older kids all remembered how fun it had been when they’d been sick and tried to coax the little ones into the pool.  They wouldn’t have any of it!  As I recall once permission had been given the three older ones went in the pool anyway leaving the two little ones itching, scratching, and watching through the window!

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