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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book Entry 154: 1981 Adam Goes to Kindergarten

Adam didn’t mind starting school.  He’d been with me every day dropping off and picking up his sisters.  He marched right in to meet Mrs. Has Ellison like she was a life long friend.  When she came up to greet him he told her, “It’s my turn to go to school now.” 
Adam came home with a dozen new friends.  He told us all afternoon about each one describing them in great detail.  He could tell us what each child was wearing, what color their hair was, or if they had freckles.  What he could not share was names.  When we questioned him if a certain little boy was in his class he asked what the boy was wearing.
Adam kept telling me about one little boy who wore a red shirt.  He’d sure like to be his friend because he had a good red car that matched his shirt.  I don’t think I ever did figure out which boy that was.  Adam did think it was funny that several of the little boys had their Match Box cars named.  He said he didn’t even mind the girls because none of them acted like girls.
When we pulled up to the kindergarten class the second day Adam got a puzzled look on his face.  When I asked what was wrong he said, “Oh yea, I forgot they would all have to take a bath and put on clean clothes, now I won’t know who anyone is.”  

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